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The Crafters Tool Tote and Pen Pouch are bundled together made with coordinating Fabulous Fisher Fabric!

Gather your gizmos in this perfectly proportioned lined and zippered bag. It’s also terrific for tiny tools, confining the cords for your digital devices or packing your pens and pencils. If it fits, this is fabulous for it.

Have colors, will travel? Prime for pens and perfect for pencils, the Pen Pouch is terrific for transport across the room or across the country.  Designed with "stand-up-itude", set the bag on the table, open up the zipper, slide down the collar and color your world. And with style like this, why unpack? Works great for ready-to-hand storage at home, too. What other tools can you take in this tote.

Tools and Pens not included.