About Fabulous Fisher

Exemplary executive, superb soccer mom, awesome athlete, intrepid traveler … but how do you take all of that with you when you go (so to speak) - and do it beautifully? Fabulous Fisher has your back... -pack and tote bag and messenger bag and … well you get the idea.

Fabulous Fisher’s goal is to provide you with custom, hand-crafted tools of transport that keep you organized when on the move with sophisticated style and quality craftsmanship that you will enjoy using for years to come. To that end, I offer you a range of bags to suit a variety of needs.

How did I become a bag lady? A few years ago, I needed - well, ok, ya got me ... wanted very badly - a messenger bag. I was sadly surprised that nothing I saw satisfied this shortage! However, having been taught life lessons from the best - that would be Mom and the school of hard knocks - I would not be deterred or dismayed by defeat. I decided to design and create my own magnificent messenger … hmmm, “Magnificent Messenger”. Voilà! I perceived a new passion! Encouraged by the responses of friends and strangers alike, for me, a world creating fine and functional bags became “all that … and a bag of chips”!

Sewing has always been a focus of the fabulous fisher life. I’ve been sewing my own garments and quilts for as long as I can remember (thank you, Mom). In fact, I’ve abandoned having a living room in favor of having a sewing studio filled to the rafters with every sewing tool known to humankind. (And I feel no shame when confessing that I have a well fed foot fetish! You sewers know what I mean.) And the guest room, well, that has now officially become the “Annex”, i.e. my design studio.

Before launching Fabulous Fisher, I had been working in the business world for many years. For me and so many others, that world has mostly provided me with one particular thing in abundance: stress, stress and more STRESS. (Ok, it’s also provided me with the means to buy all the toys in my studio, but that’s not the point). What I want to do now is to combine my experience and expertise as an accountant and software designer with my passion for creating hand-crafted, superior quality custom bags and create a solid, honest business that allows me to enjoy the ride for the rest of my life.

That is what Fabulous Fisher is.